Winter brings enjoyment and fun to many but for some it can be the most difficult time of the year.

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Please remember those in need of shelter and comfort during this winter season.



Here is a true story about a kid in need from Covenant House:


Romel never wanted to be homeless. But when his own family began stealing from him to support their drug addictions, he felt he had no choice. So Romel left and camped out in an abandoned house for five months while attending a GED program.  He was eager to take the exam and get the certificate, but the program was longer than he’d hoped; it required 12 months of school as well as 12 hours of community service.



In order to fulfill the community service requirement, Romel began helping out at a nearby soup kitchen. But when his 12 hours were complete, Romel continued to come to the soup kitchen regularly to volunteer his time. No matter what his task was on any given day, Romel worked hard. The soup kitchen turned out to be much more than a requirement – it was a place to spend his free time, a place to meet people and a place that needed his support.



One day, a community counselor at the kitchen told him about Covenant House and its many resources. She cautioned that while Covenant House had a lot to offer, success was going to take a lot of hard work and dedication on his part, too. Romel thought about it, and the next day he showed up at our door. He was up for the challenge.



Now, Romel lives at Covenant House and is working hard to receive his high school diploma and participating in an intern program. He regrets not having come sooner, but he says: “You have to start somewhere.”


If you, or anyone you know, is in need this winter, here are some people and ways to help:




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Thank you for all your help and support.