Performing Stars transforms the lives of low-income, primarily multicultural, children throughout Marin County by using enrichment programs to build pride, character, discipline and self-esteem. Our programs help youth develop good work habits and positive social skills, enhance academic performance and professional readiness, improve critical thinking and communication skills, and gain the confidence they need to overcome the limitations imposed by poverty.


Founded in 1990, Performing Stars has become one of the leading youth development programs in Marin County. We believe that next generation’s success is dependent upon the achievement of the following four community goals:

*     Reducing long-term dependence on public assistance programs,

*     Decreasing the negative effects and impacts of poverty on children,

*     Expanding advocacy for children of low-income families, and

*     Increasing and strengthening all types of community services for low-income and minority children and their families.


We address these objectives by serving over 100 youth and families per year and giving them the opportunity to “reach for the stars” through participation in afterschool and summer enrichment programs. As a partnership-oriented social service organization, Performing Stars complements existing county-wide programs with support services to promote positive life and leadership skills for many of life’s “performances.”  Without our unique, integrated, wrap-around support services, many underserved and at-risk youth would lack the assistance they need to take advantage of scholarship opportunities.


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