Casa de Luz is the heart of the Naked City; a busy and vibrant house of worship which serves the poor and poor of spirit. The founders of Casa de Luz are committed to the continued transformation of Las Vegas with the belief that true change- of individuals and communities- requires love and investing into the potential of each and every single person no matter what their circumstances. By investing in the next generation, it will help to break the cycles of poverty, abuse, crime and entitlement.


Casa de Luz has become the heart of the neighborhood it serves. With an on-site parsonage, there is someone available to help in times of crisis. Casa also provides constant love and hope to the people of Naked City. As a result, children are becoming good citizens of their community, lives are transforming, and neighborhood crime rates have dropped dramatically. There is no particular formula for this type of community change. It is truly about loving one person at a time and showing that there is always a chance- no matter what your circumstances- to have a positive and productive life. The founders and the volunteer staff of Casa de Luz believe that this is the way: patiently, encouragingly, faithfully and constantly.


Casa de Luz has helped bring this simple truth to light: Recognizing the value of each and every single person- and showing unconditional love to everyone- encourages them to want more for themselves and their community.


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