This Website connects the good intentions of people with action.


Altruistica is free of charge for its users and any organizations participating in the website.


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This website matches donors’ time and resources with appropriate organizations to achieve an efficient delivery of altruistic programs to help people locally, nationally, and globally.


This will effectively reduce up to 85% of time, energy, and resources spent annually by organizations and allow them to greater deliver their vital programs to their target recipients.


Altruistica was founded on July 1, 2011and registered as Altruistica Foundation, a US Public Charity, EIN 45-5153892, on April 9, 2012.


Altruistica strives to “make it simple to save the world” by creating easier and more efficient ways to donate resources and deliver programs through Collective Collaboration.


In this way, a renewable source of charitable resources is created to help more people by stakeholders and donors seeing a fast and direct result of their good intentions, each and every day.


Many times throughout our history there comes a precise moment; a “Tipping Point”, when things may go from good to bad; from loss to gain, or from failure to success.


Now is one of those moments.


Welcome to our endeavour.


Welcome to Altruistica.