Altruistica was founded on July 1, 2011and registered as Altruistica Foundation, a US Public Charity, EIN 45-5153892, on April 9, 2012.


It was created with the belief that as wise and intelligent people we have the capacity to care and therefore, have good intentions.


However, it was also created with the knowledge that although in the developed world we may have prosperity; this prosperity has brought about many distractions and has disconnected us from our self, our connections to each other and the communities that surround us.


Even if we want to help, we always tend to find an excuse that delays us in acting on our good intentions.


If we are to advance in the developed world, we need to promote the ideal of collective collaboration.


Altruistica gives you a unique chance to maximize your time and good intentions by making collective collaboration easy.


Many people say “if only I knew how or who to help…“


Well, if your sitting at home wondering what you could be doing, register in the form below with Altruistica and who knows; there might be someone right around the corner who really needs your help and it won’t take much of your time.


We guarantee that the results of your actions will give you far more fulfillment and happiness than money can buy.


Join us and become an Altruist.




ALTRUISTICA Detailed Description:


This Website connects the good intentions of people with action.


All content, organizations, artists, film, photos, video, music and commentaries are for educational purposes only.


Altruistica is free of charge for its users and any organizations participating in the website.


No fees or commissions are received by Altruistica for the website use or promotion of any content on the website.


All comments by individuals and organizations and their actions are independent of Altruistica.


Their appearance on the website does not constitute an endorsement of Altruistica or its actions.


This website matches donors’ time and resources with appropriate organizations to achieve an efficient delivery of altruistic programs to help people locally, nationally, and globally.


This will effectively reduce up to 85% of time, energy, and resources spent annually by organizations and allow them to greater deliver their vital programs to their target recipients.


Altruistica was founded on July 1, 2011and registered as Altruistica Foundation, a US Public Charity, EIN 45-5153892, on April 9, 2012.


Altruistica strives to “make it simple to save the world” by creating easier and more efficient ways to donate resources and deliver programs through Collective Collaboration.


In this way, a renewable source of charitable resources is created to help more people by stakeholders and donors seeing a fast and direct result of their good intentions, each and every day.