Parent Services Project believes strong, involved families are the key to successful children and equitable communities. Working with parents, educators and community service providers we set family leadership in motion so families can make a better life for their kids. PSP engages and strengthens families to take leadership for the well-being of their children, families and communities. Family engagement and leadership creates social change and equity for all. From this foundation, all children, regardless of their background or circumstances, can develop to their fullest potential, supported by a caring community.


Parent Services Project is a nonprofit organization dedicated to integrating family support, family engagement and parent leadership into early childhood programs, schools and community settings. We do this through training, technical assistance and on-the-ground programs. Starting with the unique insight, expertise and passion that families have for their children, Parent Services Project creates opportunities for positive change at the individual and community level. Since our founding in the San Francisco Bay area in 1980, our programs have operated in over 20 California counties and 19 additional states and US territories, touching the lives of some 45,000 families. Our reach extends from the local to the national level as we share our successes with partners all over the country. We use our Marin County “laboratory” to develop much-needed solutions, which we then share with our like-minded peer agencies throughout California and the U.S.


Parent Services Project approaches social change from a family-centered perspective with a core focus on social justice outcomes — including engagement and equity — is at the heart of our vision and approach. This is our reason for being, and it is infused into everything we do.


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